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Excited to have my story in the Red Issue of Chróma Magazine

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Long Shadow

lamber, lambing, lambkin, lambrequin, lamb down,
lamb shift, leg of lamb, lamb’s wool, lanolin, lamb
chop, kleftiko, teriyaki, babotie, shawarma, lamps,
lambent, lamella, lambda, lambeth, lambast, lament

My photo from Daphne Wright’s exhibition ‘Emotional Archaeology’

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in a corner
where vinyl careers
& a loudspeaker blares
& horse eyes glare
the wall is smeared
with bloody mary

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The Great War

Lychgate rabbit

A toddler-sized rabbit squats
under the lychgate. Its dusty coat
is nicotine cream. Inscribed
overhead, To The Blessed Dead.

It paws a pleated handkerchief,
ears sweep the varnished seat.
The wooden arch is scratched
TNL and CVL went in WAR 14.

Autumn leaves crackle on a path
to the graves. Inside the church,
stained glass bright, the Vicar’s
wife tips wilting lilies into pails.

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